EASA is a non-profit and decentralized structure, organized and led by volunteers. As a platform for cultural and educational exchange, EASA connects Architecture students and professionals from all European countries, and in recent years from all over the world.

Organized by students for students EASA offers a unique framework for education, accommodating a non institutionalized form of teaching, learning and exchange. A horizontal learning process where decisions are made upon consensus, EASA gives a chance to experience architecture in a way that universities are yet not providing.

Bringing students to a certain context, defined by the location and theme of the assembly, where they have to raise architectural questions themselves and investigate them through the eyes of all European cultures simultaneously. Being their own educators, students then elaborate the answers and bring them to reality. EASA exists officially since 1981, inscribing itself as part of the last 60 years of developing alternative pedagogies. https://www.easanetwork.org/about


The main goal of EASA.AL is to activate the architecture and design student community in Albania and to apply this alternative education model on a local context.

Such a model does not currently exist in our country, outside of EASA.AL. Our role, as a local team, is to make sure this alternative education platform reaches the architecture students. There are a hundred ways we can make education and growth possible, outside of formal institutions, and we believe it mainly starts and evolves between people having the same goals. Here comes the importance of a network where architecture students can freely share their thoughts, knowledge, philosophies and get their hands on helping important ideas, come to life. Through open discussions, casual talks, theoretical and small scale construction workshops, we look into matters of the contemporary society, try to answer to specific problems of our realities and question the status quo. We invite every architecture and design student eager to experiment, learn and share, to join this network.


One of the biggest problems in our educational system is the lack of autonomy as a student. Young minds are often undermined, but by doing so the young designers lose their drive.

It is when you perceive a choice that you perceive motivation.

What EASA.AL is trying to do is to defy the myth, that students cannot be held accountable. We want to embrace autonomy among young architects & designers. In order to do this we created the EASA.AL work group. We are putting our trust in young motivated minds and leaving room for their ideas to develop and be implemented through EASA.AL. We encourage experimentation, cause we believe that through a trial and error process we are more prone to learning. Everyone who shares our mindset, or doesn't but wants to share their mindset with us, is welcome to join the work group. Being part of the group comes with a variety of responsibilities that are to be taken seriously. It involves weekly meetings, weekly tasks, brainstorming, research, writing texts, meeting people, design and more. But it all comes with a certain flexibility and fun spirit. We work together as a team and respect each other.

If you want to join us or collaborate please contact us via email.


Aldina Xhelaj

Angela Lulati

Jetmira Belegu

Anita Cengu

Adonel Myzyri

Dario Mankollari

Eneida Firaku

Merin Begeja

Marilena Hamzaj

Dea Balliaj

Yllka Vokopola

Kejsi Hakrama

Gledisa Golikja

Anisa Musaj

Kejsi Harizi

Klea Kamolli

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